This Road Sign Is Almost Useless

road sign board in metrics in USA

We are confused what to do with this sign when we read it, and the other individuals passing it couldn’t agree more.

The sign is situated out and about from Nogales to Tucson – and as one explorer told the Associated Press, “When I’m driving, I certainly can’t do that math.”

In spite of the fact that it’s not the most helpful sign, the crazy kilometer sign has the qualification of being on the main constant U.S. thruway with metric signs, however numerous in Arizona imagine that will change in a couple of years. Dustin Krugel of the Arizona Department of Transportation, who additionally addressed the AP, said, “In the end we must supplant those signs.”

There are, obviously, some other street signs in the U.S. that at present utilize the metric framework as well – so watch out, street trippers.

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