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Troll Of The Millennium: Samsung Steals The Limelight On Apple’s D-Day

Apple vs. Samsung by technobuffalo

Poor Apple! Samsung does this every time. Not fair! Lol! But we enjoy it.

It looked like Apple is a newbie, and Samsung was all set to rag this fresher publicly on this first day to school. Here is a proof of it.

It looks like Samsung did not just troll Apple, but Google as well. The company made sure that Google feels that the ad is related to 6S, not S6 edge+. Oh wait! Or was it? The funny part is Samsung did not just stop here. Samsung launched its flagship phone Galaxy Note 5 in India on the same day giving itself a valid reason to promote a trend – “GalaxyNote5” on Twitter. The result? Poor iPhone6s could rarely be seen trending on Twitter on its D-Day.

Dear Samsung, as you gave yourself a valid reason to grab that ‘top trend’ space on the Apple Event day, do you feel guilt-free now?

Samsung all over on the Apple’s D-Day? Oh yes, it was!

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