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When Foreigners listen to Indian Music

This is a very funny video which will make you laugh your lungs out and is titled, “When Foreigners Listen To Indian Music“.

Here is how Foreigners dance on the Indian Music. Really Indian Music can make anyone dance.

I see the guys where serious with their dance but somehow seemed to me so funny and interesting.

White people love music just like any other people.  And when people like music they sometimes dance.

This song has a catchy beat, are fun to listen to and are easily danced to whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow, pink, purple, blue or somewhere in between.

Music is an international language. It doesn’t matter who made it or what country it is from. Good music brings joy, even if you can’t understand the lyrics. This is a really catchy song and I found myself kinda bopping along while checking the videos.

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